Hey there! Oh, who am i? 

My name is Pasha. Pasha Kalachev, or perhaps Pasha Pellosie, or maybe Pavel Kalachev....

...for now, I am at best an observer.

I write, but don't yet wear a badge of an author, poet, or novelist. I have worked professionally as a photographer, but even that classification is misleading of identity. I compose songs on string instruments, but by no means am a musician. I can give a hell of a dramatic dialogue and you may have seen me on tv, but still don't quite consider myself an actor. 

My life's chapters have sharpened my vision, sensitized my heart, and shown me all that I have yet to learn.....so in this moment, and perhaps always, I will be just an observer. 

At present, this amalgam of imagery and wordsmithry is my portable playpen.